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Mar 18th, 2018, 02:40am

Welcome to Kieto's Daily Recipe and Funnies Forum.

I started this forum for you in appreciation for subscribing to my ezine. Many of you are also members of the Kitchen Club. I urge you to please ask your friends to join over the holidays. Just give them the link to my home page and tell them to click on 'Join the Kitchen Club.' Thanks. Kieto

I moved the Chat Room and the GuestMap below the forum Main window. I have added a calendar for you fine folks to add your birthdays and any other holiday or special occasion you want to add. It has to be approved by me so we can keep the pranksters out (if ya know what I mean). It's pretty easy. Below the calendar, there is a link that reads, 'Add Event'. A window will pop-up. Its all pretty easy and self explanatory. There's also a Forum just like this one to let folks know you've added an event. Good luck and have fun. Kieto

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To meet up in the Chat Room, just enter a screen name and log in, or, click Sign Up and fill in the info and choose a screen name and click Save. Hopefuly, someone will be there to shoot the breeze. I found this to be a better chat room for you all. Have a great time! Click this link to launch chat if you cannot see the box below. You must have JavaScript enabled to use Userplane Webchat™b

Click this link to launch chat if you cannot see the box below.

Mark your spot on our GUESTMAP. It's a small world for sure.
So, with all that said, please enjoy the forum. It's all for you for being a subscriber. Kieto

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